soft as pitbulls, hard as posies

Vintage Santa Ynez Wedding Photo Shoot by Mireen Kierzek Photography

Posted by Amber Moon

Oh film photography, how I love thee. And film photography by Mireen Kierzek Photography that captures the gorgeous work of Pitbulls & Posies, Twine Events, Hey there, Cupcake! and TEAM Hair & Makeup? Don’t even get me started. It’s frame-worthy, effortless perfection at it’s very finest, which ultimately creates a full gallery of images that is just as pretty as they come.

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About Pitbulls and Posies

At the heart, we're a design house that's in love with the details and those magical elements that weave them all together. Many wouldn't name their studio after a power breed, but like us, we see pitbulls as unique and loyal vessels of unconditional love.

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